Developmental Editing

Level 1 Package

The Level 1 package consists of a manuscript review and general feedback, focusing on the big picture: overall structural issues, tone, narrative flow, characterization, etc. This will come in the form of a written assessment, commenting on what works and what doesnā€™t and offering suggestions for the next steps. This level of edit does not include any line editing, margin comments, or reworking of your text.

After you have reviewed your written assessment, we will be available to answer any questions via email.

Level 2 Package

The Level 2 package includes everything in the Level 1 package, plus margin comments throughout the manuscript, pointing out specific issues and asking specific questions about the text. This deeper level of consultation often reveals recurrent issues in a text, including language and narration issues. 

Level 3 Package

The Level 3 package includes everything in the Levels 1 and 2 packages, plus a full line edit. This is not a ghostwriting service, but rather a strenuous edit of your work, showing you how to best restructure and/or rework your narrative and hone your language.